Who We Are

Sponsor Made was the brain child of two friends from different sides of the sponsorship spectrum – one from marketing in financial services and other a professional racing driver. After working on various football and motorsport sponsorship campaigns, both founders decided to create a transparent, efficient solution for the space. This led to the first prototype of the Sponsor Made Sponsorship Builder.

Board / Advisors

Dino Zamparelli

Dino is a professional racing driver, having previously raced in GP2 (feeder league for Formula One), and the Porsche Cup GB. Dino brings a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to the sponsorship game.

Rupert Hadlow

Rupert is a former financial services professional having worked in a wealth management, trading and management capacity for UBS, JP Morgan owned Ord Minnett, Blackwell Global and ANZ Etrade.

Jonathan Cudworth

Jon is an experienced retail industry professional owning leading high street services agency Octopos for over 10 years. Acting in advisory capacity, Jon provides invaluable B2B market related insights.

Sponsor Made
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