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Welcome to Sponsor Made. I am Dino Zamparelli and I have raced across various competitive motorsport competitions – including GP3 (Formula One Feeder Series), and Porsche Cup GB.

I have raised millions of dollars in sponsorship and believe the process should be transparent and the perfect fit for the brand / organisation. My business partner also has the same philosophy and we believe that Sponsor Made addresses these issues.

Create, build, analyse, compare and assess global sport and esport sponsorships in minutes. The Sponsor Made Platform is built with the brand in mind and everything from ROI through to activation options are covered.

Dino Zamparelli – Co-founder & Professional Race Driver



The Sponsor Made Builder is completely free to use. You will only be charged the sponsorship amount if you decided to proceed and sponsor a sport / esport etc. This will be agreed upon with the individual opportunity. 

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