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Find, analyse and assess sport / esport sponsorship opportunities in minutes using the Sponsor Made Builder.

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How It Works

It takes a matter of minutes to find and analyse sponsorship opportunities.

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  • Answer a series of questions using the Sponsor Made Sponsorship Builder.
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  • Choose from a list of recommendations / results, which are based on your answers.
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  • Access and analyse specific sponsorship opportunities that satisfy your requirements.
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Platform Features

The Sponsor Made Sponsorship Builder streamlines the Sponsorship process and provides companies / brands with the information quickly and easily.

Find Opportunities

Search opportunities across a range of different sports based on your specific requirements.

Understand Rights

Identify exactly what you will get when sponsoring a specific sport or esport.

Target Specific Regions

Find and target specific countries and regions around the world.

Fast and FREE

Receive sponsorship recommendations and results in minutes.


Negotiate sports & esports sponsorships through the platform.


Your details and preferences are kept private until you decide to connect.

Available Sports & Esports

Sponsorship opportunities on the Sponsor Made platform include Football, Motorsport, Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Tennis, Golf, Netball and Basketball. American Football, Baseball and more coming soon...

Platform Benefits

Build Your Perfect Sponsorship

  • Let the builder create the perfect sponsorship for your business, government or educational organisation.
  • Choose target regions, specify client demographics.
  • Build a sponsorship in minutes.
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Platform Benefits

Compare Opportunities

  • Assess sports and Esports sponsorship opportunities based on region, social reach, brand engagement, supporter base.
  • Compare Sponsor Made Scores
  • Choose from recommendation sponsorship opportunities.
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Platform Benefits

Analyse & Assess

  • Drill down into the important metrics and numbers.
  • Check out recent headline statistics, including broadcasting numbers, social media reach, app downloads etc.
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Platform Benefits

Generate Activation Ideas & Examples

  • Activating your sponsorship is important. Let the builder generate some activation ideas based on your search.
  • Real life examples from successful campaigns.
  • Take an activation idea and build on it.
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Platform Benefits

Understand The Real Sponsorship Value

  • Calculating the value a sponsorship brings to a brand can be difficult. The Sponsor Made platform makes it easy.
  • Understand the Brand / PR value of individual opportunities.
  • Define the sales funnels and get greater insight into what sales will be generated from the sponsorship.
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Some of the frequently asked questions.

Yes it is free for companies, brands and organisations looking for sponsorship opportunities.

Yes. The connect button allows companies to express their interest in a particular sponsorship opportunity.

Setting up a profile on the platform, allows the builder to understand your exact requirements. This ensures that the recommendations provided are accurate.

If you are interested in adding your sponsorship opportunity to the Sponsor Made platform, please click here

Yes you can. We even have a dedicated section for agents and introducers. For more information, please click here

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